Literally every song made me feel something, or remember something, or put a smile to my face, or made me think, or made me frown. It was refreshing as it was moving. I thought your music was so beautiful. After the concert I remember going back to my apartment and feeling this sense of warmth. The warmth started during the concert and lingered with me for a while after the concert, literally a whole week after. I’ve been to a lot of concerts here and yours was the only one that made me feel that kind of warmth inside. It’ll always be memorable to me.
— LL
I’m normally unimpressed by even the best music and musicians. It is so rare that I hear magic in someone’s music. That piece stirred emotions I didn’t even know I was feeling; it felt like I was screaming out emotions on top of the notes and getting inside my heart. An incredible elation mixed with sorry.
— Jennifer S.
Ms Tan will be a major voice in American art in the years to come. She effortlessly crosses boundaries — between styles and genres, and between métiers.
— JB