Xanthe, Briefly

Cartoon Xanthe image by  Cheryl Angel

Cartoon Xanthe image by Cheryl Angel


Xanthe Briefly is my unscripted, 3-minute podcast where I give the real scoop on what it's like as a youngish independent artist making it work in LA.

What to expect: career real talk, mental health thoughts, life hacks, vegan tips, brief rants, raves, obsessions, conundrums.

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Questions? Thoughts? I'll respond on the podcast! Contact me with one click or send a voice memo to chrysanthe@chrysanthetan.com.


1: Perfectionism Kills
2: Musical Interpretation Game! - query, defy, echo
3: How to Recover From Disappointment
4: Power of a Haircut
5: Are You a Procrastinator or a Pre-Crastinator?
6: Storytime: Barbie Rocks
7: Why I Hate Goodbyes
8: Solitude, Loneliness, and Solidarity
9: Why I've Taken Such A Long Break
10: Did I Really Just Cry?
11: Reasons to Appreciate Depression
12: Survey Obsession
13: Start a Positivity Jar
14: Start an Everything Journal
15: In Defense of Technology Taking Over
16: Going to Bed Alone
17: Taking Things Slow
18: I Hate Being Called A Classical Artist
19: Performance Nightmare Coming to Life?
20: How the Nightmare Turned Out
21: On Sharing Your Private Life
22: Cambodia = Home
23: Forgetting to Bring a Book
24: Sleep Woes (Part 1)
25: Sleep Woes (Part 2)
26: Virtual Friend Dates
27: Quick Tip for Introvert Networking
28: I'm Okay Today!
29: Not Fitting Into the Queer Scene
30: Failed Relaxation Attempt
31: Why I Tweet #365hd Every Day
32: I Love Group Texts
33: Pro Tip: Propose a Specific Date
34: Would You Wear White Shoes?
35: Fiction Is Boring
36: Training a Radio Voice (Part 1)
37: Training a Radio Voice (Part 2)
38: Free the Fidget Spinner
39: October Mood (Part 1)
40: October Mood (Part 2)
41: October Mood (Part 3)
42: October Mood (Part 4)
43: Reasons to Sit in a Parked Car
44: Gig Hangover (Part 1)
45: Gig Hangover (Part 2)
46: Could a Pop Fan Like My Music?

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