Climbing the Caterpillar Tower

for cello and violin duo

inspired by Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus


Commissioned and performed by David Mason (cello) with Chrysanthe Tan (violin). 

Hope for the Flowers depicts two caterpillars, Stripe and Yellow, on an impossible quest: They are attempting to scale to the top of a squirming, sky-high tower of other caterpillars who are simultaneously striving for the top. Once at the top, Stripe and Yellow realize nothing is there; everyone had been killing themselves in the treacherous climb with no real purpose other than pure ambition (and FOMO). Luckily, the two caterpillars are able to safely return to solid ground, chrysallize, and emerge as butterflies. This duet represents that journey.

The main motif (D-A-D-C-A-E) of this piece is based on the musical letters in the original performers' names: DAVID and CHRYSANTHE.

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