Theme and Variations by Olivier Messiaen

Theme and Variations by Olivier Messiaen
Dzovig Markarian, piano

Sieben Rosen Hat Ein Strauch by Yuji Takahashi


Duo Meranti

Duo Meranti is the violin/guitar/composition collaboration between Chrysanthe Tan and Sean Hayward. Repertoire (past, present, and future) includes but is not limited to contemporary classical and Balkan, with a focus on new works. If you're interested in composing for this group or having us perform one of your pieces, please contact


"Ameles Potamos" for violin and gamelan

I had the honor of performing and recording Sean Hayward's "Ameles Potamos," a beautiful piece written for violin and gamelan (slenthem, gender panerus, and gender barung).


Spontaneous free improvisation


"Zajdi zajdi" opening


Mendelssohn Trio in A Minor - 2009

A very, very old video of my former piano trio.