Recording Work

Are you are a composer, artist, or band looking to add some violin, viola, or string arrangements to your song? I take on select recording projects for both live and remote recording. Click here to listen to examples of my past session work.

What if I don't live in LA?

No problem. Most of my clients actually choose the remote recording option. If you opt for remote recording, I will record in my home studio and deliver both the entire Logic Project (for your mixing engineer to work with) as well as a reference mp3 mix of how my added parts sound in the context of your song. Choosing the remote recording option can be a good way to save the cost of hiring a recording studio for that day.

What are your rates?

Every project is unique. I can give you a quote based on your answers to these questions. I typically work on an hourly rate, but for certain projects we can get more creative. 

Let's get started!

Please contact me with information about your project to get the ball rolling. If possible, be prepared to answer a few basic questions like the ones on this form