What Is a Custom Lullaby?

A custom lullaby is a relaxing piece of classical piano music I write inspired by a specific person. I compose and record these lullabies with either solo piano or piano with string arrangement. Here are some examples of my lullaby music:


If you don't have time to listen, you can read some rather nice things people have said about my music instead!

Why Commission a Custom Lullaby?

  • A personalized piece of art or music makes a show-stopping gift that's sure to set you apart from you other relatives and friends.
  • The gift of music doesn't take up physical space. You can't lose it, break it, or damage it. It lives on forever.
  • Lullabies are both a useful and aesthetic gift. Use it to relax or fall asleep, to establish ritual with a child, or simply enjoy. 
  • Research shows a strong link between listening to relaxing music and achieving better sleep. Certain music can even reduce sympathetic nervous system activity, decrease anxiety, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates.
  • Soothing classical music has shown to provide comfort during medical procedures and other stressful situations.
  • Commissioning a custom lullaby is an incredibly thoughtful way to make someone feel special without having to sacrifice the time yourself

Who is it for?

Custom lullabies are perfect for anyone you'd like to honor or celebrate. 

  • new baby in the family
  • wedding
  • anniversary
  • birthday
  • baby shower
  • sending a high school graduate off to college
  • wishing someone a peaceful recovery
  • in memory of someone

Are you simply looking for a new piece of music to fall asleep to? A signature song to play when you wind down for the evening? Then perhaps a custom lullaby is for YOU!


What do you get?

When you commission a custom lullaby, you receive a whole lot! Each person receives:

  • A professional recording of the original lullaby for your recipient. (I deliver your piece in both MP3 and high quality AIFF formats.)
  • A link to stream the lullaby online, so you can share your custom creation with as many people for free streaming as you'd like.
  • A YouTube video (with neutral background or photo of commissioner's choice) featuring the custom lullaby, so you have the option of sharing it as a video.
  • If you ordered extras (like sheet music or physical keepsakes; options below), you will of course receive these too.

What can you do with this special lullaby?

Plenty! Not only does research show a strong link between relaxing music and better sleep, but there are dozens of creative ways to use your custom lullaby as well:

  • Play it before going to bed.
  • Use it to establish ritual with your child.
  • Use it as background music for a family slideshow, e-card, or e-vite.
  • Show it off on Facebook and other popular social media channels.
  • Use it as background for an Instagram video.
  • Include it in a family playlist for all your special songs.
  • Play it to calm your pets when they are stressed or home alone (I play relaxing music for my cat whenever I'm away).
  • And of course, impress your loved one with the gift of their dreams (and lifetime of blissful dreaming)!


How do you get started?

The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to fill out this information form to tell me about your recipient. I'll respond within 1 business day.

Prefer to chat? Then simply click the button on the right to schedule a free 20-minute chat/consultation with me to discuss your recipient and any questions you have!

Still thinking about it? Then join my lullaby mailing list to receive more information about custom lullabies. You'll even get a free 3-song lullaby mixtape to download!


Once the order is put in motion, I get started writing! Here's some insight into my workflow:

  • First, I study the materials you have provided me with to get to know your recipient. 
  • Then, I sit at the piano, let my right brain take over, and craft the musical seedlings inspired by your special recipient. Even if I only have a name to go by, that is enough to create something beautiful and custom.
  • After this, my left and right brain battle it out and figure out the nuts and bolts of how the piece will develop, how I will arrange the sections, and where to work in the string arrangement. 
  • I record the song.
  • I send the song to an engineer for professional mixing and mastering (in other words, smoothing out the bumps and optimizing the sound quality).
  • Finally, I prepare the files, upload audio and video where they need to be, and send you the final product (my favorite part)!

What's the investment?

A custom lullaby is a lasting gift that combines intention, utility, and aesthetics.

A custom lullaby can be used in infinite ways: It can be used practically or enjoyed just for pleasure. You can forget about it and return to it years later, and it won't be dusty or less functional. You can't lose it. It isn't a flimsy novelty gift that lasts a week and gets ruined by the dog or tossed into the donation bin. A custom lullaby is a priceless and thoughtful investment piece.  

Moreover, If you have friends or family members who would like to pitch in, why put all the financial burden on yourself? 

A custom lullaby makes a fantastic group gift:

  • It could be a fun and special way to strengthen your bond with the fellow gift-givers.
  • A burden feels lighter when 2 or 3 or 4 people are sharing it.
  • Once the song is completed, I will send each of you an official copy of the mp3, so no sharing amongst yourselves will be necessary! Any digital extras you ordered (like sheet music) will also be sent to all co-commissioners. I'm always touched when groups go in on gifts together, so I want to make sure each of you feel as valued as you should be. 

For a custom lullaby inspired by you or your loved one, I offer two main tiers:

  1. PIANO ONLY ($700*)

  2. PIANO WITH STRINGS ($1000*)

*= these are base prices without any additional add-ons listed below

The basic options above will be more than enough for most people, though the following add-ons are available if you'd like to go the extra mile. You can always purchase an add-on after the fact, if you need more time to think about it (with the exception of rush orders, of course). The price of each add-on can be determined after we've discussed the particulars of your request, as each add-on is based upon your specific needs and choice of options available.

  • PDF of the sheet music (for your future recipient to play on the piano?) 
  • 45-minute Skype lesson with the recipient or commissioner (if they want help learning how to play their own piece!) 
  • The first page of the score printed on high-quality heavyweight paper, with recipient's name in calligraphy at the top (great to frame and hang over nurseries!) 
  • A custom music box with your lullaby playing inside
  • If you have other creative requests, let me know and I can help make that happen!
  • Rush orders (10 days)



How long does it take? A custom lullaby takes an average of 20-25 days from order to delivery, but it depends on the season and how many other orders are backed up at the time. When you order, we will set a delivery date in advance, so you can rest assured that you will receive the song in time.  

Where do you record? I have a home recording studio where I do all of my recording for personal work, lullaby work, and freelance remote sessions for other artists.

Do you mix and master yourself? Nope! While I certainly do lots of basic mixing on my own, I want you to have the best quality possible for your lullabies. My areas of expertise are composing and playing instruments, so I will stick with those and let someone else mix and master. Even if I were an expert post-production engineer, most musicians opt to have a second set of ears to mix their music anyway, because we always benefit from a fresh perspective. This is why even the best writers have editors too.

Why is the sheet music an add-on? Shouldn't it already exist anyway? Sheet music for your lullaby actually doesn't exist unless/until you ask me to make it! Because I am both the composer and performer of the lullabies, I either keep certain things in my head or write the music down in a shorthand that's only understandable by myself. This cuts down down on time and cost to you. When you order sheet music, I will have to transcribe and format it to professional standard before sharing it with you.

How much do the other add-ons cost? The price of certain add-ons will vary depending on your individual choices (frame selection, music box selection, shipping options, etc). Plus, if you order sheet music and a physical add-on, there is an additional discount. We can cover all of this information when we chat, or if you decide to add these things after the fact.

Photo by Melissa Schwartz

Photo by Melissa Schwartz

Who are you? I'm a composer and violinist/pianist by training who's obsessed with writing songs without words. 

The concept of songs without words was popularized by Felix Mendelssohn, who wrote a series of short lyrical piano pieces of the same name. I love when beautiful pieces of instrumental music are able to convey just as much storytelling magic as songs with words, and this is what I strive to do.

My debut album, Stories, was comprised entirely of songs without words written for piano, violin, and viola.

Ironically, when I'm not writing songs without words, I also write musical poetry, that is, music that incorporates spoken text.

I also perform all over the world as both a pop and classical violinist. But enough about me; I want to hear about you!

How do I get started again? Three main options: 1) Fill out this form to submit your info and tell me about the recipient, 2) Schedule a free chat with me to talk about lullabies and your recipient for 20 minutes, and/or 3) Sign up for my mailing list, where I'll send you more information about custom lullabies.

Can I do all of the above options? Certainly!

Where can I contact you with further questions? chrysanthe@chrysanthetan.com is the best place to reach me. 

Once again, here's the link to join the lullaby mailing list for more information.